The Maid In India Controversies

When I was in India, every morning when I read newspaper, I would come across one or the other story involving a crime by or against maids. For some strange reasons, they continue to persist even though we Indians continue to progress as a civilized society.

More often than not the maids in India end up being the victims although there are times when they are on the erring side too. Sometimes they are accused of stealing petty household goods and at times they become cynosure of all eyes for all the wrongdoings. All said and done this so called “Maid In India” controversy doesn’t seem to die down.

The latest on the list involves a tinch of Bollywood masala. Long story short, the recent Shiney Ahuja rape case – one which shocked the nation, convinced us there is quite a bit of villain among the heroes too. I might be prejudging the case, but going what has been reported in the news it seems likely that Shiney will stop shining for a while. The point is the maids have become a victim of their own circumstances, like most women, in front of their own heroes.

Brings me to the point-Will we, in India,  ever get to a stage where we rely on professional maids for our saaf-safaai ? Can this unorganized sector be made more organised so that crime of this sort can be rooted even before they occur ? Will we, the middle class Indians, can ever live without a maid ?

Well, quite possible…if the government wills. May be its time for the government to step in and regulate that unorganized market  and show a ray of hope to the poor and downtrodden by bringing in professionalism, accountability and most importantly security for the server and the served.

Food for thought ?

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  1. Nars on July 1, 2009


    The trouble with getting an organized system around them is the implicit increase in cost.. today, they are available for pretty cheap. We used to pay something like 600 bucks for someone to clean up out house on a monthly basis… the dependence on them is so high considering that there is a lot od dust and dirt around, I doubt there will be a day when we can live withought their support. It’s a great idea to regularize that sector – if they can do that without increasing the costs